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Getting Started

What do you get by joining 3D Print Points?

  • Affordable rapid prototyping all over the world
  • 3D printing on demand in your local area
  • Wide range of 3D printers
  • Possibility to print in many technologies
  • Large selection of 3D printing materials
  • Instant access to 3D models library
  • Possibility to sell and buy 3D designs on the spot
  • You can boost your income with 3D printing
  • ...all in one platform!

    How to create an account on

    In order to create an account, click on an icon in the right corner. You will be transferred to the registration page.

    1. Fill out the registration form.

    2. Read and agree to Terms and Conditions.

    3. Check if your information is correct.

    4. Click on Register.

    5. Once the registration process is finished, you can log into 3D Print Points by clicking Login at the top-right corner.

    6. When your account is ready, you can add your own 3D point(s) and/or upload your 3D models. Click on How to become a 3D POINT or How to become a DESIGNER to learn more.

    What is a 3D printing hub?

    3D printing hub is an online 3D printing service platforms. It usually operates on a network of 3D printers owners connecting them with customers. The main goal of 3D printing point is to facilitate the transactions between points (owners of 3D machines) and people who want to order 3D prints. People who own 3D printers can join those platforms and offer 3D printing services to customers in their local area.

    What is 3D Print Points?

    The idea behind the 3D Print Points is to allow people around the world 3D print their ideas, designs, parts, and personalized products on demand in their neighbourhood.

    Our goal is to connect 3D printers owners, and 3D designers with commercial and business users. We introduce the most advanced and user-friendly platform, combining all 3D printing services in one place!

    We introduce the global 3D printing concept.